Registration for Supply/ Provision of goods and services for financial years 2021/2022/2023

Registration for Supply/ Provision of goods and services for financial years 2021/2022/2023


Kilifi Mariakani Water and Sewerage Company limited (KIMAWASCO) is one of the Water service Providers in Coast Province. The Company has been contracted by Coast Water Works Development Authority (CWWDA) to provide water and sewerage services in Kilifi, Kaloleni, Ganze and Rabai sub-counties under a Service Provision Agreement (SPA), now invites eligible and qualified candidates for registration for Supply/ provision of goods and services for financial years 2021/2022/2023.


KMWSC/REG/1A/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of office stationery, printed accountable documents and general printingWomen, Youth & Persons with disabilities
KMWSC/FW/2A/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of G.I,UPVC and HDPE pipes and fittingsOpen tender to all bidders
KMWSC/REG/3A/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of Electrical itemsOpen to all bidders
KMWSC/FW/4A/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of Computers & Accessories, Office telephones and telecommunication equipmentsOpen tender (Reserved for Women, Youth & persons with disabilities)
KMWSC/REG/5A/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of Building and hardware materialWomen, Youth & persons with disabilities
KMWSC/FW/6A/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of Cold water meters & connectors AMR enabledOpen Tender to all bidders
KMWSC/REG/7A/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of Water pumps, motors and generatorsOpen to all bidders
KMWSC/REG/8A/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of Staff Uniforms, protective clothing & Staff boots.Women, Youth & persons with disabilities
KMWSC/FW/9A/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of motor vehicle tyres, tubes, batteriesOpen  tender to all bidders
KMWSC/REG/10A/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of Office furniture & furnishingsWomen, Youth & Persons with disabilities
KMWSC/REG/11A/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of Spare parts for motor Vehicles & motor cyclesOpen to all bidders
KMWSC/REG/12A/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of  laboratory chemicals, reagents, laboratory equipment and water treatment chemicalsOpen to all bidders
KMWSC/REG/13A/2021/2022/2023Supply and delivery of Air conditioners & accessories and installationOpen to all bidders
KMWSC/REG/14A/2021/2022/2023Supply of cleaning detergents and toiletriesWomen, Youth & Persons with disabilities
KMWSC/REG/15A/2021/2022/2023Supply of pipes and  fittings  for rehabilitation and water pipeline constructionOpen to all bidders


KMWSC/REG/1B/2021/2022/2023Provision of General Insurance ServicesOpen to all bidders
KMWSC/FW/2B/2021/2022/2023Provision of hotel , accommodation ,Conference services & catering servicesOpen  tender to all bidders
KMWSC/FW/3B/2021/2022/2023Repair and Servicing of Water pumps, motors, generators and other electrical equipmentOpen tender to all bidders
KMWSC/REG/4B/2021/2022/2023Provision of Consultancy ServicesOpen to all bidders
KMWSC/REG/5B/2021/2022/2023Provision for Building & Construction services, maintenance, renovations & repairsOpen to all bidders
KMWSC/FW/6B/2021/2022/2023Maintenance and Servicing of Computers, Photocopiers and other Office MachinesOpen tender to all bidders
KMWSC/FW/7B/2021/2022/2023Provision of Transport and Taxi ServicesOpen tender to all bidders
KMWSC/FW/8B/2021/2022/2023Maintenance and Servicing of Air ConditionersOpen tender to all bidders
KMWSC/FW/9B/2021/2022/2023Provision of Air ticketing ServicesOpen tender to all bidders
KMWSC/REG/10B/2021/2022/2023Provision of legal and Company Secretarial ServicesOpen to all bidders
KMWSC/REG/11B/2021/2022/2023Provision of Asset valuation servicesOpen to all bidders
KMWSC/REG/12B/2021/2022/2023Provision of office cleaning and fumigationWomen, Youth & Persons with disabilities
KMWSC/REG/13B/2021/2022/2023Provision for Asset CodingOpen to all bidders
KMWSC/REG/14/2021/2022/2023Repair and maintenance of motor vehicles and motor cyclesOpen to all bidders
KMWSC/REG/15/2021/2022/2023Provision for Internet Service providersOpen to all bidders
KMWSC/REG/16/2021/2022/2023Maintenance and servicing of office telephone system and PBXOpen to all bidders

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